About Anthony

Anthony has been developing websites for a long time. He cannot remember exactly when he started, but some of his early memories include sharing notes and files with classmates through a website in his second year of college. Although he was was never formally trained in his website craft specifically, just the general Computer Sciences, he believes education to be a noble pursuit and always had the goal of teaching one day.

He got into web development professionally after some co-workers noticed him “hacking” the website and almost doing no work on the job because he was simply “pressing one button to run the script to do his job.” His boss promoted him several times after that until he became the Senior Web Developer at the company. After leaving the company, his then co-workers built a startup where he now works full time as the Dev Ops Manager.

Although it is not one of the largest multi-million dollar sites that he’s worked on, he is immensely proud of his work on Sprayground—which owes part of its success to his work since he was the sole web developer at the company. At a few companies, he has interviewed/hired/trained other web developers and done some consulting work on the side just to test his limits.

Fun Facts:

  • He claims to “secretly” like mangoes, but many of his associates know this.
  • He was born in a third-world country to a family that barely had exposure to computers, let alone internet.
  • Until he was 3 years old, he lived in a place that looked like a tropical paradise belonging on a calendar wall.
  • He trains in the Mixed Martial Arts, with some medals to prove it.
  • He plays Pokemon Go.

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