About Franklin

Franklin currently works as a software development manager at a law firm. Oddly enough, this was also his first development job after graduating college. He quickly shifted through roles from junior to senior developer, and then to manager.

Franklin has a true heart for problem solving through coding. It’s a love hate relationship but it has survived the test of time. He is not only passionate about development, but he’s also passionate about people and their positive growth as individuals.

Fun Facts:

  • He’s got a healthy (a.k.a. BIG) sized head.
  • He tends to have very sweaty hands. (The poor keyboard…)
  • He’s a half-decent musician. He plays keys for his church. (Again…the poor keyboard)
  • He has eclectic tastes in music although he strictly plays Gospel/CCM
  • He and his wife currently have 1 child with another on the way
  • He is from Jamaica (the island of Jamaica, NOT Jamaica, NY -_-)
  • Most Importantly, he is ready to help you meet your goals in becoming a Full Stack Developer

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