10 Things to Consider Before You Start Rutgers Coding Bootcamp


We know, trying new things with new people is scary. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be difficult, even for the most confident of folks, so review these 10 tips to help prepare you for coding boot camp success before you jump into the action.



1. Make sure this path is right for you.
Before you commit yourself to coding bootcamp, do your research. Although web development is a great way to enhance your skills and access new opportunities, not everyone will love the day-to-day of a professional web developer. Make sure you understand what you want to do in your career before you decide to attend a bootcamp.

2. Remember, everyone else is new too.
No matter what you’re studying, the first day of class is always a little intimidating. But don’t let it get to you—Remember that everyone else is in the same boat and you’re all in this together. Make a new friend or two and create a study group. Trust us, the friends and network you’ll create during a boot camp is like no other, so don’t be shy.

3. Dedicate yourself.
Once the program starts, don’t let your motivation slip away. Code whenever you can to make sure you’re getting the most out of your education and really mastering the trade.By practicing every chance you get, you’ll also learn your strengths and weaknesses. Take this as an opportunity to seek help in any areas that you might be lacking fluency.

4. Don’t get discouraged.
No one ever said learning to code was easy, but don’t get frustrated if you’re stuck. This is the perfect opportunity to grab one of your study pals for help, or take a breather to clear your mind. Whatever you do, don’t be too hard on yourself because becoming a skilled coder only happens over time and with practice.

5. Network, network, network!

Even though they’re just your classmates now, you never know where your peers are headed after graduation. You could be sitting next to your future business partner. Building a network with your classmates is a crucial part of the boot camp experience.

Also make sure to introduce yourself to any guest speakers or workshop instructors. They could be the link you need to land that dream job after graduation.

6. Don’t fall behind.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but falling behind in your course work (even by one day) can be a huge hurdle in your studies. The best way to overcome this is to prevent it from happening, but if you do find yourself falling behind the pack, turn to the many resources available to you. Ask your instructor for a catch-up session, or meet up with a study pal. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you’re behind, you don’t want to feel discouraged for the rest of the course.

7. Clear your schedule.
Making time for practice and coursework is crucial. While attending class regularly is imperative to your success, so is the time you must dedicate outside of class, to projects and coding practice.

Don’t put things off until you have no other choice but to rush through them. Take quality time to really absorb the material, practice it, and become confident in your abilities.

8. Join a programming community.
Programming communities (discussion boards, forums, Facebook groups, etc.) are another resource you can use to help motivate, encourage, and challenge yourself through your journey and beyond.

You’ll meet other programmers who can provide you with advice or answers when you need them. It also allows you to get new perspectives and make valuable connections.

9. Define your goals.
Set some goals and remind yourself why you’re there in the first place. Is it to make more money? Is it to get a better job? No matter your why, make sure you have clearly defined it for yourself. Write it down somewhere or display it above your desk. Constantly reminding yourself of your goals can help you stay on track, organized, and motivated.

10. Get involved.
Whether you’ve hit a mental block or you’re just looking for new ideas, getting involved with peer discussions or collaborations, as well as your coding communities can help you find just what you need.

Actively immersing yourself in the field can provide you with great ideas, new friends, and the motivation you might need to maintain momentum throughout your program.

Remember these tips and you’re sure to find success as you navigate a coding boot camp. Still curious about the bootcamp experience? Check out our Reviews and Testimonials to see what our students have to say about our programs.

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