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Rutgers Bootcamps in class

Our Full Stack Flex and Data Science & Visualization courses both combine informative lectures with individual and collaborative team exercises. You will work independently and in groups, in the classroom and at home. Homework assignments provide an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and take your skills to the next level—this is key to truly mastering the topics covered. The goal is to give you a comprehensive learning experience and true insight into a “day in the life” of a full stack developer or data scientist.

Web development and data science are both tough work, and at Rutgers Bootcamps, we find it’s easier for students to learn the fundamentals in-person. That’s why we provide an intimate class setting with a low instructor to student ratio. In addition to our skilled instructors, students have knowledgeable TAs in classroom to provide extensive support.

With a classroom full of people from diverse backgrounds, problem solving the same coursework, I was exposed to thought processes and perspectives I would have missed in a self-guided or online class.

-Adriana, 2017 RCB Grad

With all work done via laptop, there’s no need for textbooks that cost a small fortune. You gain applied knowledge through first-hand experience. Collaborating with your classmates on projects, you’ll solve real world problems while bolstering your portfolio. Our course structure is broken up into three main components.


Instructor-led discussions cover the theory, history, and use of a new technology, utility, method, or language. Class discussion helps to reinforce new concepts, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions as you discover any weaknesses in your understanding that requires review.

Lab Work

You’ll put classroom teaching into practice individually and with a team when you tackle the challenges of timed in-class exercises and projects. Over the course of your coding or data science program, these activities provide simulated “on-the-job” skills practice with the advantage of your instructor’s support.

Portfolio Projects

Our courses include multiple projects that can be used to showcase your experience and skills even after you’ve completed the program if you incorporate them into your professional portfolio. Your portfolio signals to employers that you are ready for prime time. In our programs, you can build a substantial portfolio of projects that demonstrate your abilities across a wide variety of technologies.

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