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Rutgers Bootcamps offer a unique, cutting-edge learning experience. We provide skilled instructors and TAs who are knowledgeable in the field and dedicated to empowering students for success.

Our students aren’t just taught the fundamentals—we constantly work to update our coding, data science, cybersecurity, and AI curricula so that we can teach students in-demand skills they can use to find a job in their local market. Our instructors are committed to preparing students for the demands of real-world careers in these fields beyond the skills gained in the classroom because we know that professionals in the fields continue to hone their skills throughout their careers.

Our live online learning experience was designed for people like you who need the flexibility to fit your education around your existing life commitments, while not sacrificing accountability or face-to-face interaction. You will receive the same skilled instruction and market-driven curricula as in-person classes, learning the most up-to-date tools and technologies to meet the demands of employers.

Rutgers Bootcamp Students

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Hands-On, Classroom Experience

There are some things that can’t be replicated digitally. That’s why our programs are held face-to-face, virtually, allowing students to ask instructors questions as they arise and collaborate with classmates on exercises and projects. Dive into the classroom.

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All our programs have the flexibility of a part-time schedule, allowing you to advance your career without sacrificing your day job. Our coding program also has a full-time option for those who wish to study at an accelerated pace. See the data and coding locations and class schedule.

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Communication + Feedback

We equip our students for success by offering multiple channels for feedback and communication with instructors and fellow classmates, including email, phone, office hours and a dedicated Slack channel. This allows us to give students help when and where they need it. Meet the instructors.

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Extensive Support

Rutgers Bootcamps students receive job placement support tapping into the Bootcamp’s network of employers, including career-planning services, portfolio reviews, technical interview training, and recruiting help to position them for success in the field. Learn more about student support.

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Successful Outcomes

We love our alumni, and we are incredibly proud of their many accomplishments. Our instructors deliver the lessons, and our career services team helps to prepare students for the job search ahead, but it’s the efforts and dedication of the students themselves, that lands them their dream jobs. Watch our alumni videos.

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