What Employers Think About Coding Bootcamp Grads

Coding Bootcamp Employers

According to Indeed.com, 72% of employers think that coding bootcamp students are “just as prepared” to be high performers as college graduates.

This means great things for those of you that are hesitant to join a coding bootcamp, for fear that your time spent won’t be as “worthwhile” as a traditional degree holders’.


Applicants for coding bootcamps are increasing, as employers are hiring bootcamp grads with confidence.

There’s also an increasing amount of start-up and tech companies that aren’t really just looking for traditional graduates, but moreso for anyone who has the skills to help them build their businesses. In the end, isn’t that what really matters?


Take a look at Facebook CEO and Chairman, Mark Zuckerberg.  

Zuckerberg created Facebook, now known as the largest social media and networking site, as a sophomore from his Harvard dormitory. He was known around the Harvard campus to have been a “programming genius,” and after Facebook became successful, Zuckerberg left Harvard and never completed his studies.

As you might have guessed, Zuckerberg made millions from the site, yet he never held a formal degree. He had the skills, and they led him down the road to success. There are plenty of other tech companies that have CEOs with similar stories, and they can be much more willing to hire individuals that didn’t take the traditional 4-year path.

Since the emerge of Facebook and highly-talented individuals like Mark Zuckerberg , many tech companies are realizing that hiring talent for proven skills, and not just a diploma, might be the boost they need to take their business to the next level. In fact, 10%-15% of IBM’s employees don’t hold 4-year degrees.


We’re in an era where employers aren’t just looking at your educational pedigree.

 What matters is a demonstration of knowledge and passion for the technology industry. Bootcamps are able to take these skills and requirements and form a curriculum based around industry trends to deliver an intense, high-quality education to students that have the capacity and willingness to learn the material. During their time, they’re able to build impressive portfolios of real projects to show to potential employers.

After completing the program, students have learned full-stack web development, and have the necessary skills to enter a professional work environment as an asset in entry-level developer positions.


Employers are showing increased value for coding bootcamp graduates.

Which means they aren’t only looking for computer science degree-holders. What truly matters is the ability to show potential employers the set of necessary skills and standards held by successful developers in the field.


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