Why You Should Take the Plunge and Learn to Code

learn to code

The technology industry is growing faster than ever, and it shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

So what does this mean for students and professionals looking to further their career goals? Here are just five reasons why learning to code in the digital age is the right move.

1. You’re more attractive to potential employers

Look around. So many of the things we rely on today are a result of computer programming. Think about the amount of technology you used just to read this post. Each of these applications has been built by web developers.

According to a report by Burning-glass.com, there were 7 million jobs that valued coding skills in 2015. This demand is only growing, which the people with these coveted skills have a higher chance of landing the job.

2. Demand is high

Players in the tech industry have been trying to outdo each other since the beginning of time. New companies are emerging and releasing enhanced technologies, and people can no longer deny the potential that lies in this field.

Innovation brings an increasing demand for qualified candidates, but research shows that there are more open technology positions in the market than there are developers to fill them. Of more than 150,000 new jobs posted each year, 50,000 go unfilled.


3. Coding makes you valuable…in any field

Traditional IT or development positions are not the only jobs that use coding anymore. We’ve transitioned to a world where banks, cars, businesses and even hospitals rely on some sort of programming.

Coding languages (JavaScript, HTML, C++, just to name a few) can be used across almost all job functions with different levels of proficiency. Just imagine showing up to a job interview and the employer learns that you can not only execute a killer product launch but also code the website yourself—you provide double the value and outshine the competition.


4. More room for opportunities

Jobs that require coding skills offer an average of $22,000 more a year than jobs that don’t. But if salary isn’t incentive enough, these key skills open the doors to even more benefits like working remotely, being your own boss, or even starting a business from the ground up.


5. You can earn extra money

Even if your current job doesn’t require programming, or you just really love what you do, there are plenty of other opportunities out there to earn top dollar for your skills.

Crowdsourcing sites like Fiverr or Upwork allow freelancers to offer their services in exchange for cash. This gives you the opportunity to put your coding skills to work, build a great portfolio, and bring in some extra income.


So what’s stopping you? Take the plunge and start your web development career at Rutgers Coding Bootcamp today. Give our admissions advisor a call at (732) 430-2144 and learn how you can get equipped with the skills for web development in 12 or 24 weeks.


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