Top 5 Resources for Aspiring Data Scientists

The field of Data Science is exploding in demand and changing the way businesses, public agencies, and other organizations use information and assets. Being able to make sense of the overwhelming amount of big data out there takes specialized technical training and skill, so here are just 5 of the best resources for aspiring data scientists for a little extra help with crunching those big numbers.

First, let’s answer a common question—What is data science?


Check out this 2 minute clip that gives us an idea of what data scientists do.

1. Data Science: An Introduction

Wikibooks has done a great job of putting together an extensive (32 chapter) introduction guide for anyone who has an interest in data science. However, you do need a high school graduate or college-freshman level understanding of mathematics, science, spreadsheets (like excel), and word processing.

If you’re leaning toward a data science career path, this would be a great place for you to start feeling out whether or not this could be for you. Since it’s a free resource, you don’t necessarily have to invest much into your decision, besides your time of course.

2. Edwin Chen’s Blog
Though certainly there are many blogs out there written by professionals in the field, Edwin Chen is a widely recognized data scientist who has worked for companies like Dropbox, Twitter, and Microsoft, providing his blog readers with valuable information like tutorials, tips, and several topics of interest to other data scientists.

The ultimate resource for beginners and accomplished data scientists alike, is the best spot for competitions, practice, discussions, and could even help you find a job. The site has a “kernels” category where members can submit and share their own work, or analyze another member’s work.

By providing data scientists with a place to share, comment, and mentor each other, is opening up the world of data science to all, and encouraging a fun, interactive learning environment.

4. Quora
According to Quora’s own CEO, Quora is where you go to find anything you want to know. For an aspiring data scientist, Quora provides a platform in which you get to ask the questions, and let the pro’s answer. It’s also a great place to browse around and see what other people in the industry are talking about.

The data science category of Quora is a great resource for beginners because the open forum format of the site allows for discussion of a wide range of topics in the field. Being able to ask outsiders questions opens the door for responses from experts and novices alike, and possibly a new way to think about the problem.


5. Statistics: An Introduction Using R

This book, coveted by many, will give any reader a concise explanation to the methodology behind analytical statistics for any non-mathematician or non-programmer. By using realistic examples, the author gives the reader a chance to develop an understanding of concepts with a step-by-step approach to the subject. This guide also covers a full range of techniques, similar to those that would be applied in real-life projects.


If you’re interested in joining the data science field, check out the Rutgers Data Science Bootcamp or talk with an admissions advisor at (732) 361-4853. The field of data science is blossoming, so take the leap to advance your career, and explore your passion for data.

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