Meet Our Instructors

At Rutgers Bootcamps, instructor selection is of the highest importance. We know instructors are key to providing students with the best learning experience possible. We hire active practitioners with years of experience in the field in order to best simulate real-life working environments and provide the latest technological insight.

Coming from companies like IBM, Disney and Riot Games—we could not be more proud of our instructors and the value they bring to our students. Learn about a few of our instructors below.

Ahmed Haque

Fun Fact: His birthday is on Valentine’s Day.

Read Ahmed’s bio.

Anthony Maddatu

Fun Fact: He trains in the Mixed Martial Arts, with some medals to prove it.

Read Anthony’s bio and watch his video.

Franklin Dawes

Fun Fact: He’s a half-decent musician and plays keys for his church.

Read Franklin’s bio and watch his video.

Pavan Katepalli

Fun Fact: He made his own fantasy football formulas.

Read Pavan’s bio and watch his video.

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