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Top 5 Resources for Aspiring Data Scientists

Data Science Resource Review

The field of Data Science is exploding in demand and changing the way businesses, public agencies, and other organizations use information and assets. Being able to make sense of the overwhelming amount of big data out there takes specialized technical training and skill, so here are just 5 of the best resources for aspiring data…

3 Steps to a Successful Coding Project

programming boot camp

Whether you’re already a pro or a new coding bootcamp student starting your first project, we’re helping you navigate the process. Sure, developing an idea from scratch isn’t easy, but if you follow these steps, it won’t be as hard as you think. Step 1: Brainstorm You’ve probably thought up some pretty cool ideas for…

Signs You Might Need A Career Change

Career Change

Do you dread the commute to work on Monday mornings, or wish you could spend more time with your family? Take a look at the following signs that you might need a career change, and we’ll provide you with one way to get started. You don’t feel like you’re contributing anything of value. Many times…

Life After Bootcamp: What to Expect

After Coding Bootcamp

It’s never too early to start planning for life after coding bootcamp.   You’ll be so focused on coding practice and classwork that graduation will come before you know it. For those of you that have already reached this point and are looking for your next step, or those simply planning ahead; here are a…

5 Key Skills of a Data Scientist

Data Science Skills

If you’re thinking about moving into the booming field of data, don’t be caught off guard when considering what skills you should have under your professional tool belt. Since data science is a newly celebrated territory, here are a few key skills to help clarify what you’ll need to be successful in the field. You…

Top Web Development Trends in 2017

latest web development

Almost every business out there is trying to establish a greater online presence, and with that comes more room for web development gigs. Here are just 7 industry trends that make 2017 look quite promising for web developers. More demand for responsive designs. Let’s face it; we live in a generation of mobile devices. Mobile…

Our Guide to Conducting a Successful Job Search

Web developer job search

You’ve worked your tail off to get to this point, but you realize you don’t even know where to begin. Starting a new job search is intimidating and overwhelming to say the least, but believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. We’ve come up with a few pointers…

Why You Should Take the Plunge and Learn to Code

learn to code

The technology industry is growing faster than ever, and it shows no signs of slowing any time soon. So what does this mean for students and professionals looking to further their career goals? Here are just five reasons why learning to code in the digital age is the right move. 1. You’re more attractive to potential…

Retired Teacher Goes Back to School to Update Tech Skills for New Career

Nancy Lukas, who retired in 2015 after spending 20 years as a teacher, always loved technology. She was one of the first teachers to have her own website, loved using a SmartBoard and made her fourth grade students create podcasts about important environmental issues. Still, Nancy, who has always liked a good challenge, never thought…

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